Dimplex XL12N 1.7KW Storage Heater Review

Dimplex XL12N 1.7KW Storage HeaterDimplex XL12N 1.7KW Storage Heater Review

If you are looking for a smaller sized storage heater that works really well, look no further than the Dimplex XL12N 1.7KW Storage Heater. This heater may seem tiny compared to other devices, but it gets your home or office toasty and warm in only a short amount of time. This device comes with many features that offer a consumer convenience, safety and ease. No longer do you have to suffer through cold winters and even colder nights. The Dimplex XL12N 1.7KW Storage Heater is here to keep you warm.

Product Overview

The Dimplex XL12N 1.7KW Storage Heater is a heater that works both quickly and efficiently at keeping you warm during times when the cold weather just won’t cooperate.

This product is very easy to use. The controls for the device are located directly on top of its frame, allowing for easy accessibility. This position offers much more convenience compared to the devices wherein the control buttons are located behind or under the product.

The Dimplex XL12N 1.7KW Storage Heater allows for manual input. This lets a person manually control the temperature, adjusting it to get hotter as time goes by. This lets a user rest in comfort during the night, when the weather is even cooler than during the day time.

The corners of this heater have been smoothed down for safety purposes. This makes the device child-friendly, and prevents clothes and other materials from catching onto the device’s frame. Click here to read a full description.

Key Features of the Dimplex XL12N 1.7KW Storage Heater

  • Top mounted controls for easy accessibility and convenience
  • Smooth rounded corners for safety
  • Manual input
  • Easy to use
  • 1.7KW


  • This heater is smaller compared to other heaters on the market nowadays, which allows it to be used easily in small homes, offices or apartment buildings.
  • The device does not take up a lot of space and allows people to easily position it on virtually any floor plan.
  • The heater works well and works efficiently, making little or almost no noise while in use.
  • Maximum heat output of 1.7kW


While the size of this heater may be convenient for some, it is not suitable for customers who are in search for a heater to warm up larger houses and buildings. A bigger heater is needed for such a job.

Dimplex XL12N 1.7KW Storage Heater Customer Reviews

People have yet to review this device. Overall however, the Dimplex XL12N 1.7KW Storage Heater has been said to work well and work efficiently. Constant check-ups and clean-ups are not required with this product. It heats up small rooms well, and in a short amount of time with no annoying noises at all. Click here to read more customer reviews.

Dimplex XL12N 1.7KW Storage Heater


All in all, the Dimplex XL12N 1.7KW Storage Heater is a practical buy for users looking for a well-functioning heater to warm up small rooms or offices during the cold winter days and nights. This heater is not recommended for large homes or buildings. Larger and more heavy-duty heaters may be needed for these instances. Click here for the latest prices, ratings and customer reviews on Amazon.

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