Dimplex XL18N 2.55KW Storage Heater Review

Dimplex XL18N 2.55KW Storage HeaterDimplex XL18N 2.55KW Storage Heater Review

Almost everybody enjoys winter, as long as you have a good heating system to come back to after enjoying the snow. Keeping your room or home warm is as easy as anything with the Dimplex XL18N 2.55KW Storage Heater. This product allows you to enjoy the cold winters days and even colder nights as much as you want, without shivering uncomfortably or getting sick. The Dimplex XL18N 2.55KW Storage Heater has many features that distinguish it from other heaters.

Product Overview

The Dimplex XL18N 2.55KW Storage Heater is a medium sized heater that may be used to instantly warm up any small and medium sized rooms and spaces.

The manual input feature of this device allows you to control exactly what temperature you want your room to be. The heater can be set-up to blast out more heat as the day goes on when it gets colder, and less heat when the sun is up and it is warmer. After you have set up these details, you will not have to re-adjust the settings any more.

The controls for this device are located on top of the product in order to provide both easy access and convenience to its user. This design makes it much easier for people to change the product’s settings, compared to the heaters who have their control buttons located below or behind the machine’s frame.

One safety feature of this heater is its smoothly rounded edges. This is done in order to avoid accidents, and prevent clothes and fabrics from catching on the heater. The Dimplex XL18N 2.55KW Storage Heater is a 2.55KW heater. Click here to read a full description.

Key Features of the Dimplex XL18N 2.55KW Storage Heater

  • Top mounted controls for convenience
  • Smooth rounded edges and corners for safety
  • Manual input
  • 2.55KW


  • This heater works well and efficiently at blasting out heat into its nearby environment.
  • The design of the device keeps the wall behind it clean, eliminating the constant clean-ups and messy wiping that occurs with other types of heaters.
  • This product works silently, creating no annoying sounds or noises when it is in use.
  • Produces a maximum heat output of 2.55kW


One thing that may be considered a negative about this model is its size. While it works well for small and medium sized spaces, the Dimplex XL18N 2.55KW Storage Heater is not strong enough to warm up larger rooms. Either two models need to be purchased in these instances, or a different heater altogether.

Dimplex XL18N 2.55KW Storage Heater Customer Reviews

Users have yet to review this product. Overall however, this heater is an effective means of keeping warm during cold days and nights. It is user friendly and involves no messy clean-ups, which is always a plus. The device works well, works quickly and works quietly when heating up any space. Click here to read more customer reviews.

Dimplex XL18N 2.55KW Storage Heater


Overall, the Dimplex XL18N 2.55KW Storage Heater can be said to be a practical buy for users looking for an inexpensive means of heating up small to medium sized spaces. For larger rooms, hallways and big office buildings however, a larger heater may be required. Click here for the latest prices, ratings and customer reviews on Amazon.

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