Mathius SH12M Storage Heater Review

Mathius SH12M storage heaterMathius SH12M Storage Heater Review

When looking for a heater to warm up a large area, then the Mathius SH12M Storage Heater is a good product to look at. This device can be used to heat up large places such as a big living room or dining room and even hallways and landings.

This product allows you to live life in comfortable warmth, even during the winter when the temperature drops to a teeth-chattering level. You may continue entertaining guests in large areas, keeping them warm until long after the sun goes down. The Mathius SH12M Storage Heater works well and works effectively.

Product Overview

The Mathius SH12M Storage Heater is a heater that works well in warming up large areas such as dining rooms, living rooms, hallways and landings. Unlike smaller heater, this device can blast out enough heat to quickly warm a larger room to a comfortable temperature in a short amount of time.

The controls for this device are conveniently situated at the top of the heater’s frame. This allows for easy accessibility. No longer do you have to kneel down to reach the buttons located at the back or bottom of a device.

The heater comes with an automatic thermostat that both saves energy and optimizes the device’s heating ability. This thermostat senses when the room gets too cold, and quickly changes the device’s settings to let out an extra blast of heat. When the room gets too warm, the device lessens the amount of heat produced. These settings can be easily changed, and once they are to your liking, they will not have to be adjusted again. This device is a 1700W heater and makes use of off peak tariffs. Click here to read a full description.

Key Features of the Mathius SH12M Storage Heater

  • Automatic thermostat
  • Top mounted controls for convenience
  • Uses off peak tariffs
  • 1700W


  • The Mathius SH12M Storage Heater comes with many features that allow a person to save both energy and money in getting a large room to heat up and stay warm.
  • The position of the controls has been commended, as well as the device’s thermostat which shifts the amount of heat coming out from the machine according to the room’s current temperature.
  • Maximum heat output of 1.7kW


This device is made for large rooms, and may be too much for a small sized apartment or office.

Mathius SH12M Storage Heater Customer Reviews

People have yet to review this product. All in all however, the Mathius SH12M Storage Heater is known for working both effectively and quickly at heating up larger sized rooms. The device emits little or almost no noise at all when in use. Users have to keep in mind however, that this device has been manufactured for large rooms. Using this heater in small environments may provide unnecessary discomfort and the waste of valuable floor space. Click here to read more customer reviews.

Mathius SH12M storage heater


Overall, the Mathius SH12M Storage Heater is a good buy when looking for a big heater to heat up large rooms. Click here for the latest prices, ratings and customer reviews on Amazon.

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